veterinary clinic medicine room

The pharmacy at the Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital is fully stocked with the most commonly prescribed drugs in veterinary medicine, and if your pet requires a specific medication, we are usually able to place a special order and have the product delivered to our clinic for you. While we pride ourselves on dispensing high quality products that will most benefit your pets’ health, we are also concerned with providing our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their pet’s needs.

The Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital is also intent on taking a proactive approach to preventing disease, and that is why our pharmacy carries a wide selection of products for the prevention of heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. We are also dedicated to protecting your pet from fleas and ticks so we carry a full range of products for the prevention and treatment of these little pests. Not only do fleas and ticks cause irritating bites and skin problems, but they also have the potential to carry serious diseases that can be transmitted to your pet. Help protect your pet today by speaking to one of our client care specialists to find the right product for your pet.