Kitten Wellness

orange kitten

Congratulations on your new kitten! Thank you for trusting the Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital in Brampton, Ontario with the care of your new pet.

Our kitten wellness program is designed to get your kitten started on the right path to a long and healthy life. The first few months are a critical period in your kitten’s development and with the right support and tools, your kitten can grow into a healthy, well-mannered member of your family. The Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital would be glad to offer you guidance on the nutrition, training, and socialization of your new kitten.

Schedule your kitten for his or her first exam as soon as possible. Until your kitten has received a series of vaccines, he or she will be susceptible to many serious but preventable diseases. Most kittens will be carriers of roundworm, an intestinal parasite that is usually transmitted from mother to kitten. Roundworms can cause vomiting and diarrhea in kittens and it is important to have your kitten dewormed to eliminate roundworm and other intestinal parasites. While these parasites may not cause symptoms in adult cats, they can lead to serious illness in younger animals. Many of these intestinal parasites are transmittable to humans, so you will also be protecting your family by having your kitten treated.

We look forward to meeting your new kitten. Call the Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital at 905-846-2332 to schedule an appointment for your new kitten today!