blue heeler in front of wooden dog house

At the Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital, we understand that leaving your pet while you are away can cause stress and anxiety for some pet owners. However, you can rest assured that by entrusting the care of your pet with us, that they will receive the best possible care by our compassionate and qualified staff members. Your pets’ health and wellbeing is our primary concern, and you can rest assured that one of our qualified kennel technicians will notify the veterinarian immediately if any concerns should arise during your pets’ stay.

The Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for both cats and dogs to our existing clientele, and our facility provides all basic amenities such as bedding, bowls, toys, and food. While we do provide a standard adult formula diet for our guests, we recommend that you bring your pets’ own food to prevent indigestion and stomach upset. If your pet has a favourite toy or blanket, please feel free to bring it for your pets’ stay but we do ask that any personal items left in our care be easily washable.

If your pet has special needs or requires medicating, you can be at ease knowing that our kennel attendants are trained in the care of special needs pets and the administration of routine medications. Please notify us at the time of booking your boarding reservation if your pet requires extra care.

The Kennedy Road Veterinary Hospital requires that all pets be up to date on all standard vaccines a minimum of 2 weeks prior to being boarded. Vaccination is not only important for the protection of your pet, but also for the protection of other pets in our facility. If you are unsure of your pets’ vaccine status or wish to inquire about which core vaccines are required, please call our office.

Older pets or those with existing medical conditions may require a physical examination with the veterinarian prior to booking a boarding reservation. The veterinarian will assess your pets’ current health status and determine if boarding would be appropriate for your pet.

To book your boarding reservation or request a tour of our boarding facility, please call us at 905-846-2332 to speak to one of our client care specialists.